Drawing Lesson: Animal Portraits in Marker

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High School or Junior High Painting Lesson: Animal Portraits drawn in markers. Inspired by the amazing art of Sinclair Stratton, students will have fun learning how to create organic, animal-like contour drawings and then layer transparent markers to give the illustration a graphic, unrealistic look. Use the cheapest markers available to create wonderfully textural and colorful drawings of animals! Students love this technique because it is drawn in bright unrealistic colors and it looks a lot harder to do than it is. Class set of copyright free photos included, taken by the team at Art is



Cuddly and not so cuddly, these animal images, a class set provided copyright-free from, will engage students as they learn how animal contour drawing is done. This lesson also teaches how to layer magic markers to create texture and value. Worksheets include: Color wheels, How to Layer Markers, Color Schemes, How to Grid an Image.



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