Painting Lesson: Monochromatic Face Graffiti

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Start your year off with a fun, fail-proof monochromatic face over a grungy streetscapes from all over the US, including some sections of the Berlin Wall !


Start the year off with a Monochromatic Face Graffiti style, having students focus only on painting a face found in a beauty magazine in a Monochromatic color scheme  – any one color that has been tinted, shaded and toned. White, blank backgrounds are always scary when first starting a painting, so the included class set of grungy streetscape graffiti imagery makes a super cool backdrop and at the same time eliminates the blank white canvas.  These images are copyright-free photos, taken by the team at  Every time I teach this project, students think they have created a masterpiece because the layering component of cool graffiti makes it look way more complex and “finished” than it really is! Worksheets: Color wheels, Color Schemes, Tint, Tone and Shading Colors, Color Theory Vocabulary.


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